After a Florida car crash, any number of serious injuries may result for the victims of the accident. One such injury is a herniated disc. This condition can cause lifelong pain and discomfort and may be extremely debilitating for victims. The following is an overview of the pain and symptoms associated with this injury.

Herniated discs often occur during violent Florida car wrecks where stress is put on the spinal column. The impact of the crash causes the disc to move out of place. The disc is part of the spinal structure that separates the back bones. It acts as a shock absorber between the vertebrae, providing a cushion when the body moves. When the disc is moved out of place, it can push out into the spinal channel and press against spinal nerves. The result can include severe pain in the following areas:

  • Back
  • Neck
  • Leg

The location of the pain is dependent on where the disc herniation occurs.

What are the symptoms of a herniated disc following a Sarasota car crash?

  • Sudden, intense pain in the back
  • Pain that occurs in the lower back, because the most likely discs to herniate in an accident are the bottom two
  • Numbness in the back, legs, calf, foot, or big toe
  • Difficulty walking or performing daily activities
  • Strange sensations in the back, legs, or toes
  • Weakness or tingling in the back, legs, or toes

Interestingly, there is no clear correlation between the degree of the herniation and the extent of the patient’s pain. Since the injury can be lifelong, it is essential that victims see a doctor if they experience sharp pain in the back, leg, or foot after an accident.

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