When a bike gets mangled in a Sarasota bicycle accident, the chance that the bicyclist will be seriously injured is great. Some of the most painful injuries that riders receive include shoulder fractures, joint dislocations, and shoulder dislocations. To understand the difference between these types of shoulder injuries, our Florida personal injury lawyers will explain more about the signs and symptoms of, and treatments for, the shoulder injuries bicyclists can experience in an accident. 

Shoulder Fractures

Humeral fractures can occur if the rider falls on an outstretched hand. Fractures can also occur from a direct blow to the shoulder. These fractures can include greater or lesser tuberosity fractures or surgical neck fractures. These types of shoulder injuries are usually treated with a sling and immobilization for three to six weeks. If the fracture is more serious, sometimes plates and screws are inserted during a surgical procedure to stabilize the area. 

AC Joint Dislocation

When a rider falls off the bicycle and onto the tip of the shoulder or onto the back of the shoulder, a joint dislocation is likely to occur. The acromioclavicular joint, known also as the AC joint, connects the clavicle to the shoulder bone, or the acromion. In this type of injury, the shoulder bone is forced downward while the tip of the collar bone remains behind, causing ligament tears. With this injury, the collar bone will look like it is pointing up, but actually the shoulder blade is hanging down. 

Individuals with this type of injury will be in pain and will have swelling in the shoulder. A doctor can diagnose the injury from an X-ray to confirm the type of shoulder injury and treatment required. If an AC joint dislocation is diagnosed, the pain is typically managed with rest, ice, and physiotherapy. However, extremely painful cases in which the shoulder blade is pulling on the nerves may require surgery.

Shoulder Dislocation

A ball and socket make up the shoulder. If the ball goes past the edge of the socket, the cartilage rim, ligaments, and even some bone can be pulled off the socket. A dislocation of the shoulder can be extremely painful and disabling. If this type of injury has occurred, the shoulder might look different, appearing square and deformed, or a bump or bulge may be felt. 

Victims of Sarasota bicycle crashes should have an X-ray of the affected shoulder taken if they are in pain. An X-ray image will be able to determine if the shoulder was dislocated during the crash. In people who are younger than 25, arthroscopic surgery could be necessary because there is a greater chance that they will have a repeated shoulder dislocation. 

Shoulder injuries are serious, as they can involve bone loss and nerve damage. Seek medical treatment and call a skilled Sarasota injury lawyer if a negligent driver caused your injuries. You can reach Mallard Perez for legal advice at (888) 409-3805 and receive a free case consultation today.

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