Jerry Sandusky is scheduled for sentencing in October. He was convicted in June of more than 40 counts of child molestation involving 10 boys. Because some of the assaults were believed to have taken place on the campus of Penn State University the NCAA handed down very harsh penalties.

Some of the penalties announced include a five year probation period and a $60 million fine to be paid over a specific period of time. Penn State is banned from postseason play including bowl games for four years and will vacate its 112 wins from 1998-2011.

The team also will lose 10 initial scholarships — given to first-year NCAA athletes — for four years beginning in 2013-14 and will drop its total number of scholarships from 85 to 65 for four years beginning in 2014-15.

Although these may sound bad, it is not as bad as some had feared. Many thought the athletic program would be shut down completely.

              Jerry Sandusky still claims to be innocent. He is in jail and awaiting sentencing.

Judge John Cleland scheduled a morning hearing at the courthouse in Bellefonte to take place before sentencing to determine if Sandusky should be classified as a sexually violent predator.

Penn State Athletic Director has been quoted as saying, “we accept the penalties of the NCAA for the failure of leadership that occurred on our campus and we are deeply disappointed that some of our leaders could have turned a blind eye to such abuse.”

As leaders it is sometimes hard to pay attention to every little detail and event that is going on within an organization, especially when you don’t know what to look for or who to believe.

              First of all, you should investigate EVERY claim. If it is a child abuse claim, it should be reported to the proper authorities.

There are many signs associated with child abuse. The main sign is a change in behavior. The child who is being abused may all of a sudden become withdrawn or lash out. Children often become depressed, may suffer from nightmares, or start demonstrating sexual knowledge not typical of someone their age.

             Moral of the story: Pay attention to the behavior of the children in your world!

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