If a tractor trailer’s wheels lock up, or if a truck driver loses control of his 18-wheeler, a jackknife trucking accident in Sarasota may occur, causing serious injuries to innocent victims sharing the road. 

What Is a Jackknife Truck Accident?

A jackknife accident occurs when large commercial trucks skid out of control, which causes the trailer to swing around to one side. This movement causes a truck to form an angle that resembles a blade of a jackknife. When this happens, the tractor trailer can spin around or even roll over – crashing into other vehicles on the same road.

Jackknife accidents can cause many injuries to victims in other vehicles sharing the road with the semi-truck. One common injury that is more serious than it sounds is a knee injury. When a knee is injured, it can cause ligament injuries and ligament tears. Additionally, knee cap damage can occur. 

Knee Injuries from Jackknife Truck Accidents in Florida

When a victim experiences a knee injury in a Sarasota trucking accident, he or she will most likely not be able to put any weight on the affected leg. Typically, a serious knee injury will appear immediately following the crash. Some signs of a knee injury can include:

  • Snapping or popping sound
  • Swollen knee
  • Knee is warm to the touch or feels hot inside
  • Inability to weight bear
  • Pain

Types of Knee Injuries 

When a victim suffers a knee injury in a traffic accident, there are many types of knee injuries that can occur, including:

  • ACL and PCL injuries – The ACL crosses in front of the PCL. Both ligaments are found in the center of the knee and keep the knee joint stable – allowing a person to bear weight. When the ACL is completely torn, a person will not have stability in the knee and will not be able to walk normally.
  • MCL and LCL injuries – The MCL and LCL work together to support the inner and outer parts of the knee. These ligaments can partially tear or fully tear when injured.
  • Meniscus injury – A meniscus injury is when the pad or shock absorbers between the femur and tibia are injured or torn. When there is torn cartilage, the meniscus has been injured.

Each of the above knee injuries can vary in severity. If the tears are large enough, arthroscopic surgery is often required, resulting in a victim’s inability to work, care for oneself, drive, and more. 

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