When a car and a truck collide, the occupants in the smaller motor vehicle generally lose out and may suffer serious injuries as a result of the Sarasota trucking accident. One serious injury that could be life threatening is a femur fracture. 

Our accident attorneys have previously written about femur fractures including explaining what the femur is (thighbone), what femoral shaft fractures are (fractures to the longest, straightest part of the thighbone), causes of femoral fractures, and even treatments of femur injuries. However, we have not discussed recovering from a femur fracture, which is what we will focus on in this article.

Typically victims of Sarasota truck accidents find themselves recovering in three different ways, including:

  • Physical Recovery. Most femoral shaft fractures require surgery. Anyone who goes in for this type of surgery will generally be casted and unable to bear weight on the injured leg or walk normally until the cast is removed and he or she goes through physical therapy. This can take a long time. Plus, some patients who have other injuries may even have to wait until they are stable before having surgery for the femoral fracture. The timing from the initial emergency room visit until the fracture is healed is roughly six months or more (roughly 180 days). During this time, injured victims have to lean on someone else to drive them around, help care for them, and more. They may not even be able to get to work on their own.
  • Financial Recovery. Victims of femoral shaft fractures often cannot return to work for quite some time. Even if they are approved for disability, they may only receive a portion of the income they are used to earning. Being out of work between 4 – 9 months (depending on the recovery) can be financially paralyzing. This is why victims need to seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit to recover for financial injuries.   
  • Emotional Recovery. After going through a tragic accident with a large truck, a victim can relive the experience over and over again in his or her mind. This can cause the victim anxiety, loss of sleep, and emotional issues. Victims of Florida traffic accidents often have to seek professional help in order to recover fully.

Recovery is an intense process that can be physically exhausting, financially stressful, and emotionally draining. For help making sure you recover best as possible, call Mallard Perez at 888-409-3805 to speak with a skilled Sarasota personal injury lawyer in a free consultation.

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