If you were in a motorcycle accident and had to miss work, missing out on earning an income due to the injuries you sustained in the crash, you may have a claim for lost income. Because your wages are needed to pay for life’s necessities—food, shelter, clothing—you may suddenly need money to continue paying your bills while you’re not able to work. 

Establishing a claim for lost income following a motorcycle injury may seem fairly straightforward, but it can be complicated if you are self-employed or not making a regular income. Because proving something that has already happened is easier than proving something that will happen in the future, a claim for future lost income might not be so straightforward.

This is why every lost income claim needs to be accompanied by the following things:

  • Prior wage earning records (e.g., paycheck stubs and documentation from human resources)
  • Written note from your doctor authorizing the time off of work
  • Calculation of actual income that was lost as a result of your motorcycle injury

Proving your lost income to an insurance company may be difficult because insurance companies will investigate every little aspect of your case to try and get out of paying what your claim is worth. This is why over documenting your lost wages is necessary and may be used if you have to prove your claim to a jury.

Understanding Lost Income Vs. Future Lost Earning Capacity

Depending on your injury, you may be out of work for a certain period of time and return to your same job weeks or months later. If this is the case, you have a claim for lost income because there was a specified amount of time you were unable to collect a paycheck. However, if your motorcycle injuries caused an impairment or disability and you can no longer work or return to the same occupation, you may have a claim for future lost income.

Unfortunately, future lost income claims are more challenging because you are claiming the inability to perform a specific type of work in the future, and the insurance company will need to verify this information. Beware that insurance companies are notorious for challenging claims and limiting their liability.

Although you know that there was a direct link from suffering a motorcycle accident injury and losing income, don’t be surprised if the insurance company argues that your claim is speculative. When claiming lost wages, it is important to have a qualified attorney on your side who can prove your claim to the insurance company.

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