Each year around prom time, many parents get nervous while countless teenagers get excited for their upcoming prom night. It is a known fact that many teens participate in underage drinking and driving on prom night. Unfortunately, most of those teens are still naïve about just how dangerous drinking and driving can be.

The reality is that teenagers are more at risk during prom night, graduation night, and going into the summer season. Some of the factors that cause them to be more at risk include drinking and driving, distracted driving, and traveling with other teenage passengers.

Florida car accidents are still the number one killer of teenagers in the state. Many fatalities are caused by drunk driving accidents. This is why our Sarasota accident attorneys continue to emphasize the message of “Don’t Drink and Drive”. In order to help teens avoid prom night car accidents in Florida, parents need to talk with their teenagers about the dangers of drinking on prom night.

Parents should emphasize with their teens that driving intoxicated could:

  • Cause a crash
  • Cause them to get injured
  • Cause them to die
  • Cause them to injure or kill someone else
  • Cause them to get arrested
  • Cause them to lose their driver’s license
  • Cause them to spend time in jail for causing a DUI-related death
  • Cause them to live with guilt the rest of their lives
  • Cause them to ruin their lives

Prom night is a major concern. Teens are influenced by peer pressure, and research indicates that teenagers are at higher risk for participating in drinking and driving on prom night. Not only is prom night a major worry, but the entire summer vacation is a concern, as a teens’ crash risks increase. In fact, the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day is considered “The 100 Deadliest Days” for teenage drivers.

Because of the heightened crash risks, here are some topics parents should discuss with their teenage drivers, especially before prom night:

  • Always click it. Parents need to remind their teenager that it is critical to always buckle up. Even if they are sober, someone sharing the road with them may not be.
  • Alcohol. Parents need to remind teens that they are underage and that they need to wait to drink alcohol until they are 21 because it’s the law. Having a discussion about the powers and dangers of drinking and driving can help teens make smart choices.
  • Always there. Parents need to remind their kids that they are always available to give them a ride, especially if they had a few drinks or if their friends have been drinking.

Parents can make a difference by being positive role models, keeping the lines of communication open, and empowering their son or daughter to avoid underage drinking.

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