• Medical Payments Coverage


Medical payments coverage is a no-fault option for auto insurance that protects the driver financially in certain cases were personal health insurance and personal injury protection are not enough to pay medical expenses for the driver and passengers. Keep in mind that it only covers medical expenses. For example, let's say you are involved in an automobile accident in which you and your passengers are injured. Imagine that your health insurance and personal injury protection insurance do not cover all the medical costs for you and your passenger. If you have medical payments coverage, it will likely pay for the additional medical expenses incurred. This coverage can be vital when you have a lot of medical expenses and not enough money to pay for them.

As previously mentioned, Florida has a no-fault auto insurance law, which requires drivers to carry PIP insurance. In Florida, as mentioned above, although medical payment coverage is not mandatory, it would be something that you should consider purchasing, since it would help pay for the difference that PIP insurance wouldn't cover.

Other medical payment coverage benefits include the fact that if you are in an accident, you can tell your insurer to only use your PIP to pay for lost wages or partially for wages and medical, while using Medical Payment Coverage benefits to pay medical bills. As you can see, this is valuable coverage to have.


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