Since October is National Bullying Prevention Month, I will be writing a few articles about bullying and all of its different aspects. A few of the topics I will cover include; myths and misconceptions, the bully and the bystander, and also a little bit about two moms who decided to fight back when they learned that their children were being bullied!

You may be thinking that your child is too strong and not the "type" that would ever be bullied. Do you know the signs to look for? If your child isn't being bullied, maybe he/she is the bully. What do you do if you find out your child is the bully?

We all know that with technological advances, problems arise. For example, before everyone had a cell phone and Facebook page, you only had to worry about your children being bullied at school. Now you have to worry about "cyber-bullying."

My final article will contain ways to eliminate bullying all together

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