Did you know teachers and school administrators are required to call a state abuse hotline when they suspect the abuse of a child? Not reporting such a suspicion is a third-degree felony- a more severe status since the major sex scandal at Penn State. (see more about the Penn State Sex Scandal here)

State statutes require school districts to take precautionary measures when they receive allegations against employees that involve the safety or welfare of children.

To know what is considered abuse, a teacher or school administrator must know the definition of molestation. The state’s definition of sexual molestation includes the touching inner thighs and buttocks, including the clothing covering them, for sexual gratification.

If a well-liked “teacher” is inappropriate with student(s) and everyone knows about it, why isn’t it being stopped? A criminal investigation is underway- but no one is giving any details about what the police are finding. If your son or daughter was taken advantage by a teacher or school administrator- wouldn’t you want answers?

In the case of Manatee High School assistant football coach, Rod Frazier, after a thorough investigation, police are recommending that he be charged with battery for allegedly inappropriately touching a female student

The student came forward a few months ago and a “brief” investigation by the school was done. Frazier was placed on paid leave for one day and returned to his position at the school the next day. What would you have done if it were your daughter who brought forth these allegations only to have a brief investigation done?

When the Bradenton Police found out about the incident in February, the police chief said he was upset that his agency wasn’t notified earlier about the girl’s claims. Shortly after, they conducted a month long investigation. Their investigation included talking to several students and other faculty about what they knew and saw of Mr. Frazier. Because of this investigation Frazier is now on paid leave.

If your child has been a victim of abuse by a teacher or other school administrator, please call an experienced child abuse attorney, you may have a case. The attorney’s at Mallard Perez are experienced in these types of law suits and are here to help you. For a free consultation call 941-952-1682.

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