In the wake of the child abuse sex scandal at Penn State University involving former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, many kids, teens, and young adults have come forward accusing their coaches of sexual abuse.

Sadly, sexual abuse on the playing fields can occur in any sport, including:

  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Baseball and Softball
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Cheerleading

However, many parents do not know that their children are victims of child sexual abuse in Florida or nationwide. This is because many children are manipulated by their abuser and live in fear that they won’t be believed if they do talk about it, so they do not come forward publically accusing their abuser. Additionally, many parents do not know the signs of child sexual abuse to look out for and are not comfortable discussing this painful topic.

It takes a lot of courage for abused children to share their painful stories about being abused by their coaches. This is because coaches are typically looked up to by parents and children alike. Parents appreciate a coach’s dedication to their children and young athletes look up to their coaches and want to make them proud. For this reason, when a coach is involved in child sexual abuse, it is often more difficult for children to reveal because they have created a bond with the coach and parents may trust that coach.

When adults are well-informed about the signs of child sexual abuse and know how to respond to it, they can make a difference by encouraging their children and empowering them to summon the courage to stand up for themselves and escape their abusers.

Getting your child to come forward is half the battle, the other half is dealing with law enforcement, medical professionals, child protection officers, prosecutors, and others. For this reason, a child sexual abuse victim and his or her family will want to enlist the help of a skilled Sarasota child abuse lawyer to make sure he or she is protected and that the abuser is held accountable.

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