There are an estimated 3.3 million Americans who move into nursing homes each year. Most of the time, loved ones have the responsibility of finding their senior family members a place to live. The process is more exhausting and overwhelming than most people think and there are many questions that must be answered, including:

  • Which nursing home is best?
  • How does the facility rank on inspections?
  • Is there enough staff or is the facility understaffed?
  • Does the staff appear to be overworked?
  • What percent of the residents have bedsores?

While many people want to find good nursing homes for their loved ones that are also close to their homes, they need to realize that there may not be a good facility nearby. Not all nursing homes treat their residents with dignity and care.

Examples of Florida Nursing Homes with Violations

Out of the almost 700 nursing homes in Florida, six homes have been placed on the hall of shame nursing home list. Two of which include:

  • The Summer Brook Health Care center in Jacksonville, Florida – this facility was put on Medicare’s Watch List during August 2012 for several violations. They received one star out of five for quality of care, and food handling was also noted as a problem. There will be more inspections during the next 18 months so that the deficiencies will be corrected.
  • The Avante at Ormond Beach in Volusia County – this nursing home was placed on the national watch list in October 2012 for violations. An alleged sexual-abuse claim involving a staff member and resident was reported by another resident, but the Department of Health and Human Services said the nursing home didn’t investigate the allegation.

How to Find the Best Nursing Home in Your Area

While there are only a few homes on the national watch list, there are other facilities that still have poor inspection ratings when compared to other facilities. In order to make sure you pick the best Florida nursing home, follow these tips:

  • Start with conducting a geographical search in the region you are considering.
  • Look at the reports conducted by state and federal officials.
  • Visit the facilities to observe several things such as the smell, cleanliness, staff, and residents.
  • Make an appointment to talk with the nursing home administrator to ask questions. You can even ask the administrator to provide you with a copy of the facility’s last inspection and discuss how they did and why they received the marks they did.
  • An independent source can be found on the Florida ombudsman for nursing homes website.

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