When a motorcyclist experiences immense pain and swelling in the thigh following a crash, a femoral shaft fracture or broken femur may have occurred. Because this type of injury is one of the most serious injuries motorcyclists can suffer, it is critical that medical care be sought immediately after a Sarasota motorcycle accident.

There are three different types of femur fractures that could have occurred in the crash, including:

  • Femoral Shaft Fracture – This is the most common type of femur fracture to occur in a high-speed collision because the femoral shaft is the longest, straightest portion of the thighbone. When a femoral shaft fracture occurs, a metal rod (called an intramedullary rod) is inserted down the thighbone to secure the ends of the bones back together again. This type of fracture is very serious and is considered a major injury.
  • Supracondylar Femur Fracture – This type of fracture occurs just above the knee joint and often involves a cartilage injury to the knee. While this is a more rare type of femur fracture, it does often occur in people who have already had a total knee replacement or who have severe osteoporosis. Treatment will depend on the severity of the injury, but it could include plate, screws, external fixator, cast, brace, or intramedullary rod.
  • Proximal Femur Fracture – This is also known as a hip fracture because the highest portion of the thighbone, which is adjacent to the hip joint, is fractured. This is also called a femoral neck fracture as it involves the upper-most portion of the thighbone. Treatment could consist of the plates, screws, and occasionally a hip arthroplasty.

When one of the three femur fractures occurs to a Florida motorcyclist, it can affect the injured motorcyclist for quite some time. Not only can it take months to walk again following surgery, but it can take away the motorcyclist’s ability to drive, work, and even care for himself during this time. While a femur fracture can be a strain and a huge inconvenience, it can also be very costly.

When surgical bills occur, followed by physical therapy and time away from work, expenses can add up quickly. This type of injury can put a huge financial strain on the injured motorcyclist and his or her family. For this reason, it is critical that motorcyclists involved in serious Florida traffic accidents call a skilled Sarasota motorcycle accident attorney for help seeking financial compensation. Call Mallard Perez at 888-409-3805 for a free consultation and a free copy of our book What You Need to Know After a Florida Auto, Truck or Bike Accident.

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