Greetings to all of you:

                As you know, we are all dealing with the unprecedented COVID-19 (corona virus) pandemic.  As such, I thought it would be prudent to contact you all and advise of what we are doing here at Mallard Perez to keep your legal matter moving until this crisis is over.  First and foremost, please be safe.  Try to remain at home as much as possible, and, if you do go out, remember to maintain appropriate social distancing.  The fact is, that while most of us will be fine, we could inadvertently hurt someone who is vulnerable.   In that regard, we are asking that clients have their meetings with us by telephone or facetime for now.  Please do not drop by without an appointment which is fine in normal times but not right now.  When we do have to meet in person we will wash our hands BEFORE and AFTER the meeting and will be asking you to do the same.  We have soap, water and what is needed. 

                Furthermore, we have set up our law firm to work as a “virtual law Firm.”  That means that all of our employees now have remote access to the firm computers and can work from home as if they were here.  their cell phones will act as their office phones.  In short, they can do almost everything from home for your case that they could do here.  Of course, we cannot control what doctor’s offices, insurance companies or other law firms are doing, but we understand many of them are also working virtually so business can still proceed. 

                The courthouses are still allowing hearings to proceed by telephone, but jury trials have been suspended until the end of December.  We will assume that they stay open, but that is subject to change.

                May I suggest you take this time to spend with your loved ones that you would not have been able to spend and appreciate all that we each have.  We are a strong country and we will get through this.  Many thanks, and Be Well.




Damian B. Mallard, Esq.


Damian Mallard, Esq.
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