Auto accidents in Sarasota and throughout Florida occur each and every day. Most of the time car accidents happen due to the negligence or carelessness of other drivers. We have all seen a driver of another car text and drive, drive too fast, drive aggressively, drive distracted, drive drowsy, or even drive too slowly.

Although each of the types of drivers mentioned above can cause a Florida car accident, our Sarasota car accident lawyers will be taking a closer look at the effects of slow drivers in this article.

Slow drivers are rarely the focus of the media’s attention.  Instead, most people concentrate on distracted drivers and speeders.  These two types of drivers do, in fact, cause the majority of traffic accidents; however, slower drivers have also been the cause of many accidents, as they are a danger to other drivers.

Slow Drivers Present Dangers to Other Motorists

Slow drivers drive many motorists crazy and cause aggravation, frustration and aggression at the wheel. When a driver is driving well below the speed limit, he or she needs to make sure not to drive in the center or left lanes. Slow drivers should be in the right lane and should be at least traveling close to the posted speed limit.

Without fail, slow drivers often creep into the middle or left lanes of traffic. John Bowman, a spokesman for the National Motorist Association told the Sun Sentinel that slow drivers “back up traffic. People become frustrated. They begin to tailgate and make sudden lane changes. It creates stop-and-go traffic conditions. Those are all causes of accidents.”

Police officers always seem to be ticketing speeders, which is good to keep our streets safe and free from Sarasota auto accidents, but slow drivers should also be ticketed if they are causing traffic jams, which could lead to accidents.

A Sarasota Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

Although distracted drivers and speeders are a danger to motorists, slow drivers are as well.  If you have suffered injuries in a Sarasota auto accident caused by a slow driver, speeder or distracted driver, you may have rights to financial compensation.

It is critical to your potential personal injury case to get the names and numbers of witnesses to the crash, seek medical attention and call a skilled Sarasota car accident lawyer at Mallard Perez for a free consultation at 888-409-3805 today. 

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