Many drivers want to know the places around town that are dangerous so that they can avoid these spots when driving. While there are some common locations of Bradenton car accidents such as certain dangerous intersections, any intersection could be potentially dangerous if another driver isn’t driving safely.

Common Locations for Car Crashes in Bradenton—Intersections

Many studies have been done on intersection safety because intersections in Florida are some of the most common locations for car accidents to occur. While red-light running is one of the main causes of fatal intersection accidents, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has also found other signal violations that contribute to personal injury accidents, including:

  • Failure to bring a car to a complete stop before making a right-hand turn at a red light
  • Failure to obey traffic signals
  • Failure to yield the right of way to approaching traffic
  • Running a stop sign or red light
  • Ignoring yield signs

Participating in any one of these bad driving practices can lead to a car accident in Bradenton. To be safe, drivers need to pay close attention to traffic signals. This is especially true for all Bradenton drivers traveling through the dangerous intersection of S.R. 64 East and 48th Street Court East as well as the intersection of US-41 and Cortez Road. In fact, the latter intersection has been called “the perfect storm” for accidents. According to the Florida Highway Patrol Bradenton District Supervisor Lt. Christopher Miller, “You’ve got four-lane highways and you’ve got a lot of pedestrians, bicyclists, and cars sharing the roadway – all at the same time.” These factors make this intersection in Bradenton one of the most dangerous, especially for bicyclists and pedestrians.

If you have been injured in a Bradenton auto accident because of someone else’s unsafe driving, you may be entitled to compensation for your personal injuries and property damage. Call 888-409-3805 to speak with a skilled Bradenton car accident attorney in a complimentary case-consultation at Mallard Perez and request a copy of our free book What You Need to Know After a Florida Auto, Truck or Bike Accident.

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