Many residents of Florida nursing homes are subjected to physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Sadly, residents with Alzheimer’s are more likely to be abused than other residents because of the crippling brain disease they suffer from. Dementia or Alzheimer’s prevents people with the disease from recognizing abuse or reporting it.

Because Alzheimer’s disease impairs one’s brain, people living with Alzheimer’s eventually won’t be able to remember where they live, the names of their relatives, how to eat, or even talk. Abusers specifically prey upon Alzheimer’s patients who may be unaware that abuse is happening to them.

Sadly, this disease is progressive and crippling—causing those with Alzheimer’s to rely on nursing home assistance. Unfortunately, many nursing home employees are cruel to patients, even patients with Alzheimer’s. In fact, a recent investigation of an out-of-state Alzheimer’s nursing home revealed that almost two dozen staff members were striking patients, throwing water on them, restraining patients with bed sheets, and subjecting them to inhumane conditions.

So, how do you know if your relative is being abused by a Sarasota nursing home?

The best way to prevent abuse is to visit your loved one often and at different times of the day. Don’t simply trust that the very people you hired to take care of your loved one will provide quality care. Unfortunately, many nursing home staff members are paid very little and have troubled pasts, which they often take out on nursing home residents.

Did you know that one in three nursing homes is guilty of abusing residents? More than half of nursing home employees have admitted to neglecting and mistreating their patients within the last twelve months. According to a 2012 Congressional report, this information is true, and the numbers could be rising with aging baby boomers.

If you believe your loved one with Alzheimer’s is being abused by someone at the nursing home, please call an experienced Sarasota nursing home abuse attorney today. You can reach the caring and skilled injury attorneys at Mallard Perez for a private, free consultation at 888-409-3805 to learn more.

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