Those who have sustained high-energy trauma in a Sarasota truck accident should be examined for tibial fractures. When a car is crushed, or when a pedestrian is hit by a truck, the injuries can be so severe that an open fracture occurs and is immediately noticeable. Open tibial fractures are frequent in high-energy traffic accidents because the tibia is a subcutaneous bone and there is little tissue between the outside of the skin and the tibia bone.

Tibia fractures require surgery ranging from minor to major procedures; however, when an open tibia fracture occurs in a Sarasota traffic accident, it is considered a major injury because the bone punctures the skin and causes significant complications. When this occurs, there are several risks involved, such as:

  • Uncontrollable bleeding
  • Risk of infection to the bone
  • Amputation
  • Death

Obviously the doctor’s first priority is to save the patient’s life by stabilizing the victim. Then the affected leg will receive cleaning and other treatments to prevent infection and save the limb. Surgery will then be performed to unite the fracture and to make the leg functional again.  Although physicians try their best to save injured legs with extensive treatments, antibiotics, and surgery, including intramedullary nailing, plate fixation, and external fixation, sometimes it is not possible. If the open tibia fracture is severe enough, amputation may be required.

However, in cases where the tibia fracture is reconnected, a victim may still need to have reconstructive surgery several weeks following the emergency surgery. When a victim suffers a tibia fracture in a Sarasota trucking accident, months or years of healing will be required, even when everything goes well. The healing time for tibial fractures can be long and difficult, even when the leg is saved. This is because several surgeries may be required, followed by rest, and physical therapy.

If amputation is required, a victim may never be able to return to the same job, drive, or live the life he or she once knew. Sadly, tibia fractures and broken legs can cause a major disruption in one’s life as well as emotional and financial stress. When victims suffer serious injuries in trucking accidents, they need to be compensated accordingly.

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