It’s not enough for the coach to be fired for his wrongdoings.  While this is a good step that the school made, a coach accused of child abuse and rape should be punished in the criminal and civil justice systems as well. When the proper authorities are involved, a criminal court case may develop that will punish the abuser and sentence him to jail time.

However, your son should also be awarded damages under a Florida child abuse lawsuit. There may be financial costs due to medical bills and tests that need to be taken related to your child’s abuse. Additionally, child abuse victims will need to start counseling, which can be a lifetime process and can be very expensive. These costs should not be paid out of your pocket. The abuser should be held liable for the damages and financial costs the abuse caused your son.

For this reason, an experienced Sarasota child injury lawyer should be sought to take on your son’s case. A skilled attorney will know how to protect your son’s interests and also pursue maximum compensation for your son’s mental and emotional trauma. Additionally, an attorney will handle all communication with the parties that your family is forced to talk with including law enforcement, prosecutors, child protection officers, and other authorities, allowing you to have time with your child and start moving forward.

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