There are many answers to this question. The reasons why children harm other children are complicated, and include:

  • Abused themselves. When children are abused physically, sexually, or emotionally, they may cause harm to other children in the same way.
  • Witnessed abuse. Sometimes children witness abuse at home or somewhere else that causes them to act out what they witnessed. If a child sees physical violence or sexual or physical abuse occurring at home, that child will be very confused about what is wrong and right.
  • Viewed sexually explicit content. Children who come into contact with pornography, movies, video games, and magazines that have sexually explicit content develop confusion. Sometimes seeing this information causes children to imitate what they have seen.

When children view abusive and sexual images on television, the Internet, or through movies or magazines, it may cause children to consider these images as normal or acceptable. Additionally, if children are abused themselves, they are more likely to abuse others out of confusion or not dealing with the abuse appropriately.

As you can see, there are many reasons why some children hurt other children and continue to do so as adults. This is why it is important that parents know how to identify warning signs of Florida child abuse. Clues that your child is the victim of abuse include nightmares, bedwetting, depression, drop offs in school performance, and a sudden disinterest in something or somewhere he or she used to like.

If your child has been the victim of Florida child abuse by another child, you need to contact an experienced Sarasota child abuse attorney at Mallard Perez today. We will answer your questions and give you legal advice in a free initial consultation at 888-409-3805.

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