Florida auto insurance requirements differ from many states in that they include a no fault provision as it pertains to personal injuries. The law requires that Florida motorists carry a minimum of $10,000 in personal injury protection while their vehicle is registered in the state. The intricacies of who is covered under the law, and when, are more complex. The following is a brief summary:

  1. Even part-time residents may be required to abide by the law. Seasonal or part-time Florida residents who live in the state at least 90 days of the year are subject to the law. These 90 days do not need to be consecutive.
  2. Children of the policy holder may be covered even while driving with someone else. Personal injury liability coverage even extends to the children of the policy holder while riding in a school bus.
  3. Personal injury protection covers the policy holder even while not driving his or her registered vehicle. It also protects the policy holder while riding in someone else’s car and injured in a Sarasota car wreck.
  4. Personal injury liability coverage protects members of the policy holder’s household who do not own their own vehicle. It also covers certain passengers who lack such a liability policy, and certain licensed drivers who drive the policy holder’s vehicle with their permission.
  5. Personal injury protection may apply even for accidents occurring outside the state of Florida. This protection applies for policy holders and the members of their household for crashes occurring within the United States or Canada.

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