Most children are acquainted with their sexual predator even before the abuse starts happening. As a parent, it is hard to monitor your children and who is in contact with them all the time when they are in school, sports, after school programs, and more. However, there are some signs you can look for that could tell you if your child may be a victim of sexual abuse in Florida.

Some things to look out for include:

  • If your child suddenly starts receiving money, toys, and other things.
  • If your child begins bed wetting or thumb sucking long after they have grown out of those phases (regressive behaviors).
  • If your child does not want to be around a certain adult.
  • If your child has a new fear of going to a previously enjoyed place.
  • If your child begins acting out delinquent behaviors.
  • If your child is more withdrawn.

If you suspect but aren’t sure if your child is being victimized, you can look for ways to start the discussion. Lauren’s Kids, an organization focused on preventing childhood sexual abuse in Florida, has a parent tool kit that you can use to talk to your child about sexual abuse to encourage safer, smarter choices. The kit provides helpful tips and information for parents who want to begin talking to their children about abuse.

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