After being injured in a Sarasota auto accident, you may report your accident to the insurance company. When reporting your accident be careful how you describe it and what you say. Sometimes you won’t actually talk with an insurance adjuster at that moment, but an insurance adjuster will call you back to discuss the details of your accident.

When talking with an insurance adjuster, remember that they are making notes about everything you say. They may ask you questions in attempts to see if you are partially to blame for the car accident. Remember, they are looking out for their company, not you.  Even if they act nice or seem concerned about your injuries over the phone, they are more concerned about their bottom line. 

Be very careful what you say to insurance adjusters, as they will use your conversations as evidence to determine how much compensation they will pay you for your claim.

Adjusters may ask you about your injuries.  Sometimes the full extent of an injury is not known right away. Do not tell the insurance company anything about your injuries without knowing the full extent of your injuries. It is all right to tell the insurance adjuster that you will not answer that question without having a complete medical examination first.

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