Child sexual abuse will be revealed directly or indirectly. For example, sometimes children tell their parents that the abuse is occurring at daycare. Or sometimes a witness notices an inappropriate touch or walks in on an abuser and the victim. However parents find out about Florida daycare child abuse, there are certain steps that they should take, including:

  • Talk with your child. Be calm and not confrontational. Supportive and open parents will get their child to open up more than parents who are angry or seem upset. Make sure your child knows that he or she didn’t do anything wrong and you love him or her.
  • Do not take your child back to the daycare. Even if you have nowhere else to take your son or daughter, do not drop your child off at the facility once you know or suspect your know he or she is being abused.
  • Take pictures if your child has ripped or torn clothing, bruising, scars, or noticeable injuries.
  • Seek medical treatment. If your child was sexually or physically abused, make sure your son or daughter is evaluated by a doctor immediately.
  • Report the incident to police. Make a formal statement against the abuser.
  • Speak with a Florida child abuse attorney. An experienced lawyer will know how to pursue a Florida child abuse claim for damages and make sure your child talks with a licensed professional who has experience dealing with child sexual abuse victims.

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