If you have been injured in a Sarasota car accident due to another person’s negligence, it is very important that you think about what you should say to the insurance adjuster before talking with him or her.  Insurance adjusters are trained to make you feel comfortable talking with them; however, you need to remember that they are looking out for the insurance company even if it is at your expense.

Things you can tell the insurance adjuster:

  • Stick with the facts – it is okay to tell the insurance adjuster where the accident occurred, the time of day, and that the other driver caused the wreck.
  • Notify them of injuries – you can tell the insurance company if you are injured, but do not tell them the extent of the injuries until you have sought medical treatment and have had tests done to determine the extent of your injuries.
  • Lawyer up – you can tell the insurance company to talk with your Sarasota accident attorney about any further details of the case.

Although talking with an insurance adjuster can be tricky, a skilled accident attorney can help you. Attorneys who have experience handling personal injury cases know how to talk with the insurance company and how to negotiate with them to get you the best possible compensation in your case.

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