TMJ injuries are disfavored by the insurance industry. Insurance adjusters often make it sound like TMJ injuries are minor, but this is not true. Remind your boyfriend that insurance companies do not have his best interest in mind. They are looking to settle the case quickly and for as little money as possible.

They know that if they get your boyfriend to accept their initial offer, he cannot ask for more money down the road when he discovers his condition is worse or needs another procedure or treatment. If he accepts this offer, he will not be able to reopen the case if his injury is worse than he thought. 

TMJ injuries can be serious and cause immense pain, discomfort, lifestyle changes, costly dental and medical bills, and make a victim miss work and lose income. Additionally, a TMJ injury can have long-term effects. Because of this, it is in your boyfriend’s best interest to seek medical attention immediately following his Florida bicycle accident to find out how much his medical bills will be. In addition, he should figure out how much income he lost due to time away from work before he accepts any offer.

I would encourage him to call a personal injury lawyer to review his case specifics. Most accident attorneys give free consultations and can help him determine if he is getting a fair offer or if he should pursue a personal injury claim. He is more than welcome to call us at Mallard Perez at (888) 409-3805 and talk with an experienced Sarasota injury lawyer in a free consultation today. 

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