Sometimes insurance companies deny auto insurance claims for no good reason—just to save the company money. However, other times insurance claims are denied because a person failed to abide by the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance laws. For example, Florida’s new PIP law states that a person has 14 days from the motor vehicle accident to seek medical care. If a person is not treated within that time frame, then he or she loses the right to any PIP benefit.

Waiting to see a doctor or visit the emergency room because you are hoping that your injuries will go away, or because you don’t want another bill, can actually be a costly mistake. Sadly, many people wait too long to seek medical attention following a Florida auto accident and often receive claim denials.

Insurance companies look at everything you do and say following an auto accident in Sarasota. This is why you should NOT:

  • Miss the 14-day window for seeking medical care
  • Fail to follow your doctor’s orders
  • Miss doctor’s appointments
  • Make comments about your accident on social media sites
  • Post pictures of your activities on Facebook
  • Deny being injured until you know the extent of your injuries
  • Give a recorded statement to the insurance company before speaking with a lawyer
  • Wait to speak with an attorney about your rights

If your Florida auto insurance claim was denied and you believe it was wrongfully denied, contact an experienced Sarasota car accident attorney. Contact Mallard Perez for a free case consultation today at 888-409-3805.

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