Adequate truck driver training is essential for improving the safety of Florida motorists. Unfortunately, not all truck companies take this responsibility seriously. If you or a loved one was injured in a Florida truck crash and the driver was not properly trained, you may have a claim for damages against the trucking company. The company has an obligation to properly train and supervise its drivers. An experienced Sarasota truck accident lawyer can evaluate your accident and provide an overview of your legal rights.
A Florida truck accident attorney will analyze the following data following the crash:
  • Whether the company employs the truck driver
  • Whether the company carries insurance on the truck involved in the accident
  • Whether the company conducted adequate background checks
  • Whether the company ensured that drivers were properly trained
  • Whether the company supervises its drivers
  • Whether the company has a history of improper hiring and supervision
  • Whether the company has a history of accidents caused by drivers who lacked training to handle emergency conditions on the road
Further, the attorney may hire an independent truck accident reconstruction expert to help evaluate what caused the accident. If the truck company was negligent in its training or supervision of the truck driver, they may be liable to you for your injuries and damages.
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