Child abuse victims have many legal rights including the right to hold an abuser accountable in a court of law, the right to seek justice, and the right to a financial recovery. All of these can be achieved when a child victim of sex abuse in Florida pursues a child abuse lawsuit.

Children who are sexually abused will need counseling—sometimes for life. Seeing a psychologist can be expensive, especially if a child needs ongoing counseling. For this reason, children who have been abused have the right to seek past and future psychological costs.

Child abuse victims typically suffer from mental trauma due the terrible nature of what they’ve endured. For this reason, they have the legal right to recover damages for mental anguish, emotional pain, and loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life.

Child victims of sex abuse in Sarasota also have the right to recover for medical expenses. Getting medical examinations and any treatment for direct injuries that were related to the abuse should be covered. This could include compensation for an emergency room visit, medical tests, doctor’s visits, and more. If the child suffered a disability or deformity as a result of the abuse, the child can recover for future medical costs.

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