While most broken collarbones will heal without problem, some may involve short or long term complications. If you suffered this injury following a Sarasota motorcycle accident, it is important that potential complications be factored into the value of your settlement. An experienced Sarasota motorcycle attorney can help you properly value your claim.

What are potential complications to be aware of? According to the Mayo Clinic, the following are possible issues following a broken collarbone:

  • Nerve injury – A broken collarbone may have jagged ends which can injure nerves and blood vessels. Symptoms include numbness and tingling.
  • Poor or delayed healing – If the bones do not heal properly, the collarbone may be shorter than it was before the accident.
  • Bulge above the fracture site – During healing, a large bump may develop over the break. In some cases, this bump becomes permanent.
  • Frozen shoulder – As part of treatment, the shoulder will have to be immobilized. This may result in decreased and painful range of motion following the accident.
  • Bone infection – If the fracture pierces the skin, it may become infected. This can be life threatening and must be treated immediately.
  • Osteoarthritis – If the collarbone break involves damage to the shoulder or sternum joints, the long-term result may be arthritis in that joint.

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