If you have come face to face with the ground on private or public property, it is important that you take pictures of the ground. In fact, photographs of the accident scene are a way to establish liability and prove evidence of negligence.

Not taking photos of the hazardous condition that caused your fall can be damaging to your case. Additionally, not getting enough photos or the right kind of photographs can also make it more difficult to establish negligence in your case. For this reason, our Sarasota slip and fall injury lawyers have three tips for you.

When taking pictures of the accident scene, make sure you get the following three types of pictures:

  1. Close-up photo of the hazard (for example: spilled liquid, obstacle, uneven floor)
  2. The general area to show an absence of warning signs (that is, back up to take a wider shot from farther away)
  3. Visible injuries to your body (such as cuts, bruises, fractures, etc.)

It is also helpful to look around for a video camera in the area that could have captured your fall. If you see one, you should contact a slip and fall lawyer immediately to preserve the video footage that could help strengthen your Florida premises liability case.

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