There are several ways you can help your child before trial and throughout a Sarasota child abuse lawsuit, including:

  • Get your child the right professional help. Your son or daughter will need a counselor during this time, and not just any counselor—one who deals with child abuse victims.
  • Find the right attorney. Not all lawyers have experience handling child abuse cases. For the best outcome, you will want an attorney who has handled multiple child abuse cases and has been successful. This way you can rest assured knowing your lawyer knows the laws and knows how to best protect your child in this case.
  • Talk with your child about going to trial. By preparing your child about what to expect and letting your child know that there are protections available to him or her, your child will be more at ease.
  • Don’t focus too much on the trial. Let your kid be a kid and let him or her decide when he or she wants to ask you about court-related concerns instead of bringing up the subject every day.
  • Take care of yourself. Parents cannot help their children if they are not getting proper sleep, eating well, and taking care of themselves as much as possible. You may even need counseling to deal with your emotions surrounding the situation.

When you hire the right attorney, he or she can help prepare your child for court. Additionally, your attorney may get your child out of testifying in court in exchange for a video deposition, which will help calm your child’s fears about speaking in the courtroom.

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