Auto accidents can produce serious injuries, but injuries can be made worse when airbags are defective. Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for things to go wrong in vehicles, and systems such as airbag systems can be defective. For example, an airbag might not deploy when it should have or might deploy when it shouldn’t have. Defective airbags could also deploy too fast or with too much force—making injuries worse.

Determining If Your Airbags Were Defective

If you believe your airbags contributed to your accident-related injuries, it may be possible that your airbags didn’t work as they were designed. In order to determine if your airbags were defective, take the following steps:

  • Take pictures of the damage to your car after the accident, including the deployed airbag.
  • Preserve the evidence and don’t repair the vehicle until the airbag can be inspected.
  • Ensure that your car is in a secure location until it can be inspected for defects.
  • Don’t wait too long to contact an attorney who can help get technical experts involved.

These Types of Cases Can Be Complex, Which Is Why it Is Critical That You Work With the Right Experts

When an automotive defect contributes to your injuries in a collision, you may have rights to pursue a legal claim against an auto manufacturer, retailer of the airbag, or distributor. Because going up against a large manufacturer can be intimidating, it is essential that you hire a lawyer who has experience helping accident victims get justice and just compensation.


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