An employer should not be pressuring your wife if her doctor has not released her to return to work.  Many times doctors will write notes to companies to inform them of an ongoing condition or problems that the patient is still having. 

A person with a brain injury generally has a hard time returning to work, as there may have been some sort of physical function that was affected. The injured person could be facing problems with memory or language, or other disabilities that could affect a person’s concentration and performance at work. 

Sometimes people with brain injuries have behavioral changes or changes in personality that could cause them to have problems dealing with other people on-the-job.  Also, going back to work can be overwhelming to someone with head trauma. 

Returning to work is an important step in the rehabilitation process, but your wife should be informed by her doctors when that time is best for her.  

People who return to work without rehabilitation report that they experience difficulties with the cognitive aspects of their jobs. Because a brain injury can affect all areas of a person’s life, returning to work may be overwhelming for your wife due to the demands of the workplace. 

If your wife was injured by a negligent driver in a Florida car crash, you and your wife should consult with a Sarasota car accident attorney to make sure she is getting all the rehabilitation she needs, such as occupational therapy, vocational assessments, job coaching and other various therapies. Call Mallard Perez today at (888) 409-3805 to schedule a free consultation, or complete the online submission form to contact us today for your complimentary no-obligation consultation.
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