Rollover accidents are complex and should really be investigated properly to determine the exact cause of your husband’s accident. While rollovers are more likely to occur with SUVs because they ride higher off the ground and have a higher center of gravity, rollovers with passenger cars can still occur, as well.

Actually, any type of vehicle, including passenger cars, sport cars, pickup trucks, minivans, 15-passenger vans, and SUVs, can rollover. In many cases, defects with vehicles have something to do with it, but sometimes rollovers happen due to aggressive driving or a blown tire.

This is why it is critical to have your husband’s car and tires examined carefully to determine if something on the car failed, or if the tire was defective and led to a blowout and rollover. An experienced accident attorney can make sure your vehicle’s evidence is protected and examined by the right experts to know if you have a possible claim against the vehicle manufacturer or the tire manufacturer.

If there is evidence pointing to defective design or defect in manufacturing with the car or tire, a Sarasota personal injury lawyer can make a case for you so you can pursue a claim against the manufacturer or responsible parties that contributed to your husband’s injuries.

Tire and vehicle manufacturers have the finances and the resources to fight your rollover claim, and you need to make sure you have an attorney who can aggressively stand up to these large companies to protect your rights to compensation. Call Mallard Perez today at (888) 409-3805 and talk with an experienced Sarasota accident attorney today in a free consultation.

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