Teenagers are at a higher risk to engage in drinking and driving on grad night and prom night.  This may be because they have found ways to get alcohol before, during or after these events. Additionally, teens are still at an age where they are easily influenced by peer pressure. This is why many high schools perform staged car crashes prior to prom and graduation, showing their students the reality of drinking and driving.

Many schools will put on these events, having high school students act out the parts of the drunk driver and victims, making it more realistic for the other students watching. Additionally, a speaker will generally be on hand to discuss how he made a poor choice to drink and drive and how it ruined his life.

Prom night and grad night are nights parents should be worried about their teens, but statistics indicate that New Year’s Eve and Fourth of July are nights were there are more teen-related accidents than the other nights.

The good news is that Florida teen crashes have been decreasing, as they were reported at 46,009 in 2007 and at 26,848 in 2010. However, car crashes are still the number one killer of teenagers, with many fatalities stemming from drunk driving.

Our highly knowledgeable Sarasota car accident attorneys encourage you to talk with your teenage son or daughter about the realities and dangers of driving while intoxicated, and to call us if you need help pursuing a personal injury claim against another driver who injured you, your teenager or another member of your family. We can be reached at Mallard Perez at (888) 409-3805 for a free consultation today. 

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