It depends. Knee injuries are serious injuries, but they can range in severity. Whether the ACL was partially torn or fully torn in the Florida truck accident can make the difference in the seriousness of the injury and your outcome. Did your orthopedic surgeon state that you needed arthroscopic knee surgery? If so, your compensation should cover all your medical expenses, including:

  • ER visit
  • Doctor’s visits
  • X-ray tests
  • MRI tests
  • Other tests
  • Surgery
  • Post knee surgery ice machine
  • Medication
  • Crutches and knee brace
  • Physical therapy

In addition to the above costs, you should also consider the time off work and lost income that resulted from your knee injury. Compensation should include any wages you lost or were reduced from you missing work due to the injury, surgery, rest, physical therapy, and doctor’s visits.

If your knee surgery used an allograft (donor tissue from a cadaver), your body may possibly reject it – requiring another surgery and more time off work. For this reason, it is wise to not settle immediately with the trucking company’s insurance company. They may present an offer to you that sounds great, but add up everything to make sure you are getting fair compensation. 

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