Every insurance policy states that the policyholder has to cooperate with the insurance company during the claims process. This means that you cannot ignore an insurance adjuster and that you do have to work with the company to some extent. However, you can have the insurance company talk with a lawyer on your behalf, especially when a TMJ injury is present. 

What insurance companies want to do is pay out as little money as possible on all claims. When a claim comes their way that involves a condition that a person could have had prior to a Sarasota pedestrian accident, then the insurer may look to undervalue or deny the claim altogether. Unfortunately, they will most likely be looking to do this with your TMJ injury claim. 

For help negotiating with the insurance company to get as much compensation as possible for your personal injury claim, you should talk with a skilled lawyer. Attorneys who are used to dealing with insurance companies know how much cases like this should be worth and know the insurer’s tricks. 

Although the insurance company may act like TMJ injuries are minor, we understand that they are major injuries that can affect your entire life including talking, eating, and working. Because of this, we will fight hard on your behalf to get you the most compensation possible.

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