You should definitely wait. It is never a good idea to accept what the insurance company offers you right away.  Injuries sometimes take time to develop or to show their magnitude. While you might just feel tingling in the moments or days following your Sarasota bicycle accident, you may be later diagnosed with nerve damage. Tingling and numbness could be a symptom of sensory nerve damage.


If you accept the settlement now and find out later that you are suffering from nerve damage that could affect you the rest of your life, you may not have settled for enough money.  The insurance companies are banking on that and want to offer you the lowest compensation possible. If they get you to settle sooner than later, they know that they may be saving money because injuries can manifest later.


This is why it is important to tell a doctor your symptoms and have him or her give you a full physical and check you for nerve damage. It is also critical to not give the insurance company a recorded statement or sign any paperwork until you know exactly what type of injury you may have suffered in your Sarasota bike crash.


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