Femur injuries can range in compensation amounts from the tens of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars. Of course, the amount your claim is worth depends on the severity of the injury you have, how extensive your recovery is, and if you can return to work and make a living again.

You will most likely receive a lower dollar award for a femur fracture in a Sarasota pedestrian accident when a minor hairline fracture exists, when you have an excellent recovery, when you do not need surgery, and when future disability is not likely.

You could receive a moderate financial recovery when your femur fracture extends into your hip joint, when you need surgery or multiple surgeries, and when there is a possibility of future disability and pain as a result of your femur fracture.

You will likely receive the highest compensation possible for a femur fracture when you have multiple fractures, when the fracture is severe, when surgery or multiple surgeries are required, when you have a poor recovery, when you have growth plate damage, and when you will likely have significant pain or disability in the future.

The award amounts for femur fracture cases will increase in relation to the medical expenses, if there are other injuries in addition to the broken femur, and if you also incurred lost time from work and lost wages.

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