The overwhelming majority of attorneys who handling claims of this type will pursue them on a “contingency fee basis.” This simply means that you pay the attorney a percentage of the settlement as a fee for pursing the claim for you. Typically, the attorney will pursue the claim and not charge anything unless their successful in recovering a settlement or judgment on your behalf. The attorney should be willing to put forth the cost of litigation for you and provide you with an itemized statement of the expenses at the end of the case and only agree to be reimbursed for the expenses out of any settlement or judgment obtained on your behalf. In other words, the attorney should handle the matter without charge to you unless there is a successful settlement or judgment.

At Mallard Perez, this is how all of our Nursing home abuse or ALF abuse cases are handled. For more information, you may contact a Sarasota personal injury attorney at Mallard Perez free of charge at (888) 409-3805.
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