More than likely you should be able to bring a claim against the nursing home for its negligence. When a nursing home fails to move or turn their patients regularly, or provide adequate attention and care, residents can suffer from bed sores. When bed sores are not properly treated, patients can develop sepsis, or septic shock, as a result.

When elderly residents cannot move around on their own, they rely on the nursing home staff to help them move from their beds to their wheelchairs, or even move from side to side in bed. When they lay or sit too long in the same spot, bed sores can result. Once bed sores develop, nursing home workers have to monitor a resident’s health closely by administering medication and changing bandages.

If nursing home staff members fail to properly treat bed sores, the nursing home may be liable when a resident develops sepsis, or septic shock. When sepsis occurs, it is considered a medical emergency; however, it can be treated with antibiotics and fluids administered intravenously. Sometimes, other treatment options are pursued to help combat sepsis.

The good news is that if sepsis is caught in time and treated, a victim may be able to recover. However, if nursing home staff members leave sepsis undiagnosed or untreated, elderly victims may suffer from gangrene, amputation, other serious injuries, or death.

Depending on the injuries and damages your loved one suffered, you may want to seek a nursing home neglect lawsuit in order to pursue justice. For help learning about your rights or more about the process, get a free copy of our book, The Florida Nursing Home Abuse Handbook.

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