Yes. If a driver running a red light caused your Sarasota car accident with another car, or if it caused damage to your vehicle or led to any injuries, then you should be able to hold the driver responsible for his negligent actions through a Florida personal injury lawsuit.

However, if the red light runner fled the scene, then you may not be able to hold him or her accountable unless that driver is found or turned in. Sometimes police have been able to track down hit-and-run drivers through investigation and witnesses. In addition, some intersections have red light cameras installed (like the one that is in place at Fruitville Road and Highway 301), which can help catch the red light runner.

If there was no camera at that intersection or for some reason the red light runner is never found, you can still have your damages and injuries covered by Florida’s no fault insurance. Although this is not the same as seeking justice and just compensation for a wrong that was done to you, you will still be able to collect compensation from your own insurance company for your Sarasota car crash and injuries.

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