It could be. Although many elderly people suffer from osteoporosis and weakened bones that break as a result of bumping into something, it is possible that the nursing home could have been guilty of nursing home abuse or neglect that led to your wife’s broken arm.

When any resident in a Florida nursing home suffers a bone fracture such as a broken hip, arm, or leg, an investigation into the matter should be conducted. It is possible that your wife’s injury was the result of neglect, overmedication, faulty walkers or wheelchairs, lack of safety devices, inexperienced staff, improper use of hoyer lifts, or an understaffed nursing home. If any of these things are the cause of your wife’s injury, you may be entitled to hold the nursing home liable for your wife’s damages.

While it is important to note that not all bone fractures that occur in nursing homes are the result of nursing home neglect or abuse, some broken bone injuries are the result of negligence. However, nursing homes probably won’t admit fault or openly take responsibility. This is why it is important to ask your wife what happened, ask others residing in the same room or in the facility if they saw anything, and contact a skilled attorney to investigate the matter.

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