Child sexual abuse can occur to any child no matter the age. Sadly, some children are abused as infants whereas other children are sexually abused as teenagers. It can occur to babies, toddlers, elementary school age children, middle school age children, and even to high schoolers.

There Is Really No Specific Age as to What Age a Child Is Sexually Abused

When child sexual abuse occurs at the hands of other children, it often occurs between elementary school and high school when an older child abuses a younger child. However, when adults sexually abuse children, there is really no specific age as to what age a child is sexually abused. Because any child—no matter the age—can suffer at the hands of an abuser, it is important to know what signs to look for in order to determine if your child has suffered abuse at school, church, or at day care. Please read our articles and blogs on child abuse signs in order to become more aware of symptoms of child sexual abuse.

No Matter What Age a Child Is Abused, He Will Need Counseling and the Right Legal Support

It is important that if your child is abused that you get the right authorities involved, which includes a competent child abuse lawyer to help guide you through the legal process and any complicated issues that can arise. This way your child will be protected and you can rest assured knowing that everything in your case is being handled correctly in order to pursue justice to the fullest.


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