Until a few years ago, those involved in an auto accident in Sarasota or elsewhere in Florida had an easier time denying liability in a crash. Now, red-light cameras have made it more difficult for drivers to deny responsibility in an intersection accident in Florida. Video surveillance has changed things, providing proof in numerous personal injury cases.

Although red-light cameras are in place to capture drivers who fail to obey traffic signals, they sometimes catch auto accidents. It is important for a plaintiff to get a copy of the video because the visual footage can make a strong case and provide evidence of fault in the intersection collision.

Even before you need to use the footage in a courtroom, the video proving your case can be shown to the insurance company in hope of reaching a fair settlement. If a settlement isn’t reached, then the video should be allowed in court to show the jury what happened in your case.

Because independent third parties maintain these cameras, the request for records has to be made through the independent contractor and not through the county involved. Sometimes these records are only saved temporarily, which is why it is critical to contact an attorney immediately after your crash so that you can obtain this footage before it is erased or lost.

The lack of video makes it easier for defendants to deny their actions; however, even with no camera footage, witnesses and police reports can help establish liability in a Florida crash. If you need help obtaining a copy of the red-light camera surveillance or other proof that the other driver caused your crash, please call a skilled Sarasota accident attorney at Mallard Perez to for a free consultation today at 888-409-3805.

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