If you suspect that your loved one is being overmedicated in a Florida nursing home, it is best to visit the nursing home as much as possible and at different times. You can find out from the nursing home staff when medications are supposed to be administered and visit your loved one at that time. By being present and seeing what drugs and what dosages are being dispensed, the nursing home staff will probably dispense the correct medications and dosages to your loved one.

If you cannot be present when medication is being dispensed to your elderly family member, there are some overmedication signs to be aware of. Ask yourself the following questions to determine if your assumption may be correct:

  • Has your loved one grown more lethargic?
  • Is your loved one more easily confused and forgetful?
  • Has your elderly family member’s behavior changed drastically?
  • Did your loved one start developing odd physical symptoms?
  • Does your loved one seem more withdrawn?

If your loved one is sleeping every time you visit, or you see any of the above warning signs, something could be wrong. Ask to see a log of medications and times your loved one was given medicine. Also, you can ask your loved one’s doctor to test for overmedication.

Unfortunately, Florida nursing home overmedication is medication-related abuse. If your elderly family member has been a victim of overdosing, you need to help your loved one seek justice and compensation. Contact a Sarasota nursing home abuse lawyer at Mallard Perez for help and a free initial consultation. Call us today at 888-409-3805.

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