Collisions with trash trucks are more common than most people think. One reason is that garbage truck drivers are constantly focused on picking up the next trash barrel and not paying 100 percent attention to the road. They may run a stop sign, make a turn too quickly, back up unexpectedly, drive too fast for the conditions or more aggressively than they should.

When a collision with a garbage truck occurs due to the fault of the truck driver, the driver could be held liable. Additionally, the garbage truck may have defective warning signals or malfunctioning parts. If defective parts on the truck caused the crash, then the vehicle manufacturer could be held responsible for your Sarasota truck accident injuries. If the garbage truck had broken back up signals or the brakes went out, then the city could be held accountable for failing to provide timely maintenance to the trash truck.

Because there are many parties who could be held liable for your tibia injuries, you should talk with a Sarasota truck accident lawyer for advice today. You may need surgery, including metal screws and rods, which may cause a lifetime of knee pain and complications. Find out who may be responsible and how much your case may be worth by talking with an experienced accident attorney at Mallard Perez today, at (888) 409-3805, in a complimentary, no-obligation consultation today.

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