Airbags were created to save more lives in auto accidents; however, some airbags actually have caused more harm to vehicle occupants. When airbags are poorly designed, involve cheap materials or bad sensors, they could be defective and the deployment system might not work as it was intended.

Understanding How Airbags Work

If after an auto accident in which an airbag deployment caused serious injuries, it is critical that you know your rights. First, it is important that you understand how airbags are supposed to work, which includes:

  • Crash sensors measure wheel speed, brake pressure, sudden deceleration, and the severity of a crash.
  • The signal relays information to the airbag control unit to deploy airbags.
  • A signal from the airbag’s system is sent to the inflator system within milliseconds after a moderate to severe collision. The inflator produces an explosion to fill up the airbag quickly.
  • The airbag will then deploy and deflate itself after it deploys.

Although airbags are designed to deploy in the event of a collision to protect the vehicle occupants, sometimes the airbag system doesn’t work as intended. When an airbag doesn’t deploy safely or fails to deploy at all, vehicle occupants can suffer severe impact injuries.

If You Believe Your Airbag System Was Defective, You Need to Know Your Rights

You may be entitled to seek damages from the auto manufacturer for your medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and more. Because time is of the essence in cases such as these, it is critical to contact an accident attorney who can ensure your airbag system is inspected to help determine if your airbag system malfunctioned.


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