Unfortunately nursing home abuse in Sarasota, throughout Florida, and nationwide is often not reported. One study suggests that only one in five cases of elder abuse are reported. Worse, a congressional study of elder abuse found one in eight cases are reported, and many researchers, practitioners, and elderly abuse lawyers feel that nursing home abuse is even less reported than that.

Factors That Influence Why Florida Elder Abuse Is Underreported

  • Nursing Home Employees and Management: Often times when nursing home abuse is discovered by another nursing home employee or management, they do not report it because they fear negative publicity and state sanctions. Sometimes, it is not reported because it goes undetected.
  • Family of Nursing Home Residents: Some family members do not report nursing home abuse because they do not notice it, they fear their loved one will be forced to leave and that they will have to find them a new home, or they fear retaliation from the nursing home employees or management.
  • Older Female Residents: Many elderly women do not report abuse because they have diminished capabilities, such as difficulty remembering and gathering their thoughts. Also, another reason they may not report abuse is due to shamefulness.
  • Male Residents: Many male residents of nursing homes fail to report any type of abuse because of social expectations and embarrassment.

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